The NA35-S immersion separator by Ruwac is designed to safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials or glowing media. With 100% of the intake air being completely submerged in liquids, the chance of an outside ignition source entering the vacuum is safely ruled out. Requiring an external vacuum system with at least a 135 CFM and utilizing a liquid-filled system, the NA35-S immersion separator will safely collect and neutralize aluminum, titanium, magnesium, zirconium, mixed metals, sodium azides, TNT, high explosives and other volatile dusts. Ruwac’s exclusive compression cast composite housing eliminates the need for inexpensive drums that are very complicated and high-maintenance. Additionally, the NA35-S can be upgraded with a motor deck at any time to create a self-contained vacuum system.

  • Specifications

Volume Rating (CFM) Requires at least 135 CFM