Ruwac’s NA35-100 is a complete pnuematic driven immersion separation vacuum system. The NA35-100 portable immersion separation system is designed to safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials or glowing media. With 100% of the intake air being completely submerged in liquids the chance of an outside ignition source entering the vacuum, is safely ruled out.

Utilizing a liquid filter system the NA35-100 pnuematic vacuum will safely collect and neutralize aluminum, titanium, magnisium, zirconium, mixed metals, sodium azides, TNT, high explosives and other volatile dusts.

The importance of a machine that will insure not only the safety of the environment but also that of the employees is priceless.

Contact us today with your specific application to see if an immersion separator may be your solution.

as always – MADE IN THE USA!

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Included Accessories

Motor Type Single Stainless Steel Venturi Horsepower N/A
CFM 150 CFM Vacuum Pressure 10″ max
Collection Capacity 9 Gallons Included Accessories 151510DEX-SP
Casters 3″ heavy duty conductive
  • Composite housing will not dent, rust and is chemically neutral
  • No painting or repainting
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Anti-static 10 (-6) ohms
  • Bottom discharge both sludge and liquid
  • No heavy lifting required to empty
  • Filters and demisters stay intact while emptying
  • Quick disconnects clamping assembly for cleaning
  • External site glass
  • External liquid capacity site gauge
  • Ruwac exclusive internal de-misting pad
  • Ruwac exclusive internal dispersal screen system
  • 44 ft2 hydrophobic filtration purifies air
  • Optional HEPA filtration available
  • Hydrogen relief valve
  • Inclusive sound suppression
  • Heavy-duty anti-static casters
  • Compact and extremely portable


Product Data Sheet

na_250 na35_2 na35-1220 hepa_module_red_2
NA250 NA35-S NA35-1220 HEPA Filter
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FRV1220 FRV1400 DS2720-EX FRV200