Vacuum, Separate, And Return, Efficiently And Effectively
Collecting and separating chips has never been easier! With Ruwac?s SumpPro Lite SPS 35 Sump Vacuum, chips and coolant are quickly collected and separated, reducing downtime and maintenance and allowing for increased production.

The SumpPro Lite features a compact design with heavy duty, locking casters and a full handlebar for complete portability. A top-hinged door allows quick access to a 4 gallon chip basket to easily empty collected chips, and a 2 inch, clear drain hose permits easy drainage of collected liquids. An optional return pump is also available to efficiently pump liquids for continued use or relocation. Constructed with compression cast composite modular housing, the SumpPro Lite is virtually indestructible and corrosion, dent and rust resistant, ensuring maximum longevity and minimal maintenance.

Don?t worry about spillage, the SumpPro Lite is equipped with a positive closure float assembly to automatically stop the vacuum when full and prevent overfilling. A full range of accessories and tools are available to customize the SumpPro Lite to your application.

For increased capacity, inquire about our SumpPro SPS250.

Note: 220 volt single phase available.

  • Specifications
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Voltage 110 V 220 V single phase available Vacuum Pressure 7.9″ Hg
Air Movement 112 CFM Filter Area NA
Capacity 9 gal Inlet 2 in
Weight 110.00 lb Dimensions (L x W x H) 32 x 20 x 50 in
  • Oil and Chip Separation
  • Coolant Transfer and Aeration
  • Machine Shop Sump Cleaning
  • Concrete Saw Slurry Collection
  • Metal and Plastic Chip Collection
  • Water Recovery from Pressure Washing
  • Food Manufacturer Wash Down Recovery
  • Automated Coolant Feed and Evacuation System
  • 4 Gallon chip basket separates and collects chips from the liquid while allowing easy disposal.
  • Large inlet allows maximum chip collection and the hinged top door gives quick access to chip basket.
  • Compression cast composite housing is extremely durable and dent, corrosion and rust resistant.
  • As an added safety measure, a positive closure float assembly prevents the machine from overfilling.
  • An external 2″ discharge hose allows the liquid collection to be drained to alternate locations.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.