NFPA Dust Collection – Are You at Risk?

Dust can be a major concern in industrial facilities. This is especially important for businesses that process wood and paper products. There are specific NFPA dust collection rules and regulations in place, designed to protect businesses, but do you really understand them? If not, your facility and employees could be at risk of fire, or explosion. Let’s examine some important factors and misconceptions concerning this vital issue.

No Accidents Does Not Mean No Risks

Many companies make the mistake of assuming they are not at risk because there have been no fires/explosions from dust. This can lull you into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, dust could be silently collecting in hidden places, until it becomes a hazard.

NFPA Standards

The National Fire Prevention Association publishes hundreds standards and codes. For instance, code 654 applies to the prevention of dust explosions/fires for a wide range of combustible dusts. It is important to adhere to NFPA dust collection standards in order to remain in compliance with local building and fire codes.

Understanding the Pentagon for Dust Explosion

There are five basic elements associated with dust related explosions:

  • Flammable dust (fuel)
  • Source of fire ignition
  • Available oxygen
  • Dust concentration levels in the air
  • Dust cloud containment

When all five of these factors exist at the same moment, there is a very high likelihood of an explosion or fire.

The Importance of NFPA Dust Collection Equipment

If a spark or source of ignition gets inside a closed dust-collector system, it can be enough to create an explosion. This is why it is not only important to have a dust collector system, but it should also be explosion proof. Latta Equipment is proud to offer high quality Ruwac industrial vacuum systems to meet these needs. Call us today at 1- 704-752-7944 for more details.

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