A Cleaner Work Environment Improves Morale

Some industries are dirtier than others. If you operate in one of those industries in which a lot of dust is produced over an average workday, your employees are used to the mess. However, they would certainly appreciate a cleaner…

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The Importance of an Industrial Central Vacuum System

When your company is building a new facility, are a lot of decisions to make. Some of the most important include ensuring your building has all the required systems to keep it clean, without a lot of hassle. Two systems…

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Industrial Vacuum Products: A State of the Art Barrier to Dust

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment For Your Workplace

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Tips for Selecting the Best Industrial Vacuum System

At Latta Equipment we provide a broad-range of material-handling equipment for all types of commercial applications and production facilities. One of our areas of expertise is the design-and-supply of industrial vacuum systems that are customized to your unique needs. Not…

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NFPA Dust Collection – Are You at Risk?

Dust can be a major concern in industrial facilities. This is especially important for businesses that process wood and paper products. There are specific NFPA dust collection rules and regulations in place, designed to protect businesses, but do you really…

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What You Need to Know about Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are equipment that are used daily in the home. They keep the house tidy and clean. It uses air pump to make the mechanism that sucks up dirt on the floor and other surfaces. It has a dust…

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Silica Legislation

You may not have heard about silica legislation, but it is an important factor in the disposal of silica. Although silica is a natural substance, when it is used in industrially it is often released into the air as small…

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Why it is Important to Have Industrial Vacuum System at Hand

If you own an industrial company, your industrial vacuum systems are very important. They are very beneficial for you and your employees, and required by law for some industries Benefits For some industries, having a vacuum system is essential to…

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Why Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

Industrial vacuums have many uses and are beneficial in the industrial work environment. They are created to handle different working environment and remove all sorts of materials, keeping your work station clean. Installing Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Many industrial work…

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