Why Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

Industrial vacuums have many uses and are beneficial in the industrial work environment. They are created to handle different working environment and remove all sorts of materials, keeping your work station clean.

Installing Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Many industrial work floors need heavy duty vacuum systems. With the industrial vacuum’s durability and capability to handle various materials, they can literally suck up large steel balls. They are made up of a stationary device with piping installed throughout the facility, connecting hoses to a common line. This allows operators to clean up their area at the same time throughout the factory. Industrial vacuum systems can even clean up to 20 stations at once!

Advantages of the Industrial Vacuum Systems

These vacuum systems can be used in various work areas, but what makes this system a better choice over others? They permit work to proceed with no operator waiting for another to complete the process of vacuuming or for maintenance workers to handle the task. Industrial vacuum cleaners also decrease the overall time spent on cleaning and disposing materials. Both of these reasons are beneficial to companies as they help you reduce time and labor spent from your main line of work. Here are other uses of the industrial vacuum system:

  • Clean debris from loading stations
  • Remove chips of metal and other materials
  • Clean equipment
  • Vacuum combustible materials without setting off explosion
  • Get rid of spills to decrease potential health and safety issues

Choosing Latta Equipment as Your Provider

Numerous Americans cherish their central VAC or HVAC system. They find it extremely beneficial in many ways especially within their facilities. Installing a central industrial vacuum system will help companies reduce the time spent by workers cleaning and removing the debris. At Latta Equipment, we have been in this line of business for over 20 years. We have experts who are here to help guide you and make your business environment a cleaner and safer place. Contact us today at (704)752-7944 for more information.

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