The Importance of an Industrial Central Vacuum System

When your company is building a new facility, are a lot of decisions to make. Some of the most important include ensuring your building has all the required systems to keep it clean, without a lot of hassle.

Two systems that are critical to your cleanliness goals include an industrial central vacuum system and a dust collection system. These two systems, particularly when installed in your facility from the beginning, will help ensure your building is clean and healthy for your employees and customers.

An Industrial central vacuum system makes short work of vacuuming up dust, grit, and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. The system is simple to use, with receptacles throughout the facility. The waste material goes into a central collection system, which means no bags to replace. The dirt receptacle is large, and only needs to be emptied a few times per quarter.

An Industrial central vacuum systems is more effective for an industrial facility than regular vacuums. They have greater suction, and are capable of pulling more dust from the floor and air.

Dust collection systems are imperative, as well. These systems pull dust from the air, ensuring your facility stays cleaner, and your employees stay healthy. Installing a dust collection system typically leads to fewer days lost due to sickness for employees, which translates to greater productivity for your facility.

As you plan your facility, these two systems are extremely important to ensuring you have a clean, safe workplace. Both of these systems require installation through the building ductwork, so it’s important to consider these early in the building process.

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