Silica Legislation

You may not have heard about silica legislation, but it is an important factor in the disposal of silica. Although silica is a natural substance, when it is used in industrially it is often released into the air as small particles. When inhaled, these particles can cause severe breathing problems. If you want to be able dispose of silica properly, then you need to make sure you are following current silica disposal regulations.

Silica is a moisture absorber that aids in the keeping products fresh. Silica is often used in the construction industry in concrete, masonry, and landscaping. Here are some of the things you should know about the silica.

Effects on Health

When taken as a supplement, silica can be beneficial to one’s health. It can aid in keeping skin, hair, and nails healthy. In spite of these benefits, silica can also be hazardous, and the government has passed silica legislation that governs the amount of silica workers can be exposed to. When working in masonry, concrete services, and other construction industries, workers are often exposed to unhealthy amounts of dust. Unlike silica supplements, raw silica dust can be extremely harmful to the lungs. It is believed that this could cause lung diseases when inhaled.

The best way silica dust diffusing into the air is by the using a Latta Equipment heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner as part of an industrial central vacuum system. These solutions can greatly reduce the amount of dust in your work environment, and will help you stay within the bounds set by silica regulations.

What You Should Do

You can protect yourself, your family, or your employees from the dangers of silica by using an efficient and functional combustible dust vacuum to handle the excess silica dust. These concrete dust vacuum systems are designed to comply with nfpa dust collection standards.

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