Tips for Selecting the Best Industrial Vacuum System

At Latta Equipment we provide a broad-range of material-handling equipment for all types of commercial applications and production facilities. One of our areas of expertise is the design-and-supply of industrial vacuum systems that are customized to your unique needs.

Not every facility is an ideal match for a “cookie-cutter” vacuum system. It is critical to consider the what types of materials will be encountered, as well as what kind of risks can be expected with those materials. It will also be necessary to industrial standards/regulations, such as OSHA, and make sure the industrial vacuum systems selected can meet those standards.

Conductive Metal Dust

In an automobile, electronics, and other types of production where aluminum, zinc, titanium, magnesium, or other metal particles may be present, there is a risk for electrical failure if the electrically conductive dust gets into a circuit. Additionally, this type of dust can cause problems when it makes its way into bearings, increasing the risk of overheating.

Industrial vacuums that handle this type of material should use an immersion separation system. This eliminates the risk of explosion that can occur in a dry vacuum for these particular types of conductive metals.

Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof industrial vacuum systems can be designed to handle light, to heavy-duty cleanup operations. To create the explosion proof system, a vacuum must be fully grounded to eliminate static discharge. They can also provide additional suction, filtration, and horsepower to meet your specific requirements.

These explosion proof vacuums are built to rigorous standards. They are also fully certified by ETL for a variety of classes and groups. We will work with you to ensure the system you choose has the Class and Group certification for use to make it the best option for your workplace.

In addition to these specialized systems, we also offer central vacuum systems. These provide incredible power, and the ability to remove even very fine particles of dust and return only clean air to the workplace. These systems can be fully customized to suit your workplace, making them an investment in a healthy, safe working environment.

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