The AV2000 Bagger Vac by Ruwac is a pneumatic (air) powered vacuum designed to run continuously for any remote vacuum application where electricity is not available or desirable. The AV2000 Bagger Vac contains no moving parts and is fully grounded, eliminating any shock hazards. At 275 CFM, it also has more suction than an electric vacuum in the same class. Along with including Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration, the AV2000 Bagger Vac is fully upgradable to accommodate HEPA filters should you need an extra layer of filtration to purify the air. This vacuum cleaner also features a universal bagging system that allows for a safe, dust-free cleanup. This minimalizes any contact with its contents, keeping your workers safe from harmful materials in the process. Unlike other bagging systems, the Bagger Vac is universally compatible with almost any type of bagging container, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, specialized bags for use. Ruwac’s external gravity drop system combined with the AV2000 Bagger Vac’s specially engineered ability to separate dust and debris increases your vacuum’s collection capacity and filter life, reducing costs and maintenance time.

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CFM 275 CFM Filter Area 28 sq. ft.
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AV2000 Vacuum SV-A2 Silo FRV200 WNS2220
151510_151525 151510FG hepa_module_red_2 a1641_t
1.5″ Hose and Tool Package Food Grade Tool Package HEPA Filter Pre-Separators for extra collection capacity