The DS4 Series by Ruwac is portable POWER! As part of the Powerhouse series, this industrial vacuum cleaner truly lives up to its title due to a continuous duty motor that produces 575-850 CFM. The DS4 vacuum works great on removing heavier materials such as large chips, grains, concrete dust, sand and fertilizer as a portable machine or as a central vacuum system with multiple users.

The DS4 series includes a 118 sq. ft. Ruwac MicroClean filter, with the option to upgrade to HEPA or ULPA filtration, and a oversized 4″ inlet. Alongside a 14″ HEC pre-separator and 55 gallon drum capacity, with forklift pockets and a tipping drum.

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Phase Voltage HP CFM HG” Capacity
Three Phase 230/460 10 575 6.2″ 55 gallon
Phase Voltage HP CFM HG” Capacity
Three Phase 230/460 20 600 8.2″ 55 gallon
Phase Voltage HP CFM HG” Capacity
Three Phase 230/460 30 850 9″ 55 gallon
  • Multiple Operators
  • Cement Plants
  • Ship Yards
  • Foundries
  • Large Chips or Debris
  • Portable or Central Systems
  • Integrated silencers keep operation quiet during continuous use.
  • All models include a pre-separation collections system with a 55 gallon capacity, forklift pockets and a self-contained tipping mechanism for effortless emptying.
  • High Efficiency Cyclones can be added to any DS4 system to increase efficiency and drop 97% of debris out of the airstream before it hits the filters.
  • Oversized, 118 ft2 filters are 99.9% efficient at 0.5 micron and equipped with a motorized filter shaker to automatically clean filters and reduce replacement and maintenance time.
  • Optional HEPA filters can be installed to ensure absolute filtration of sub-micron particles and toxic dust.
  • More power allows for longer length and larger diameter hoses.
  • DS4 Systems can be completely portable or skid-mounted for use as stationary systems.
a1667 ds2720 ds4110_vacuum central-vaccum-cleaner-system
SV-P102 Silo DS2720-EX DS4120 Central Vacuum Systems
1560ohdex_overhead_kit a1641_t hepa_module_red_2
Overhead Cleaning Package Pre-Separator for extra collection capacity HEPA Filter