Durastripe Glow

When it comes to an industrial environment, health & safety is always a priority.  One of the most important considerations in any building is ensuring that workers, visitors, and customers are easily able to find the nearest exit in the event of a fire, or other emergency.  Clear signage that can cope in challenging environments is always a priority, which is why a large number of companies use DuraStripe Glow Striping as part of their fire prevention strategy.

Durastripe Floor Marking Tape

DuraStripe Floor Marking Tape is a highly durable, easy-to-use tape that provides directional signage and other emergency information that is highly visible in dim conditions.  If you are suffering from a power outage, or the room is partially obscured by smoke, floor marking tape can provide essential, life-saving guidance to the nearest safe exit.

Durastripe Glow in the Dark Floor Tape is Straight-Forward to Apply

Suitable for use on almost any clean, dry surface, the tape can be simply stuck down where needed.  There is no need to wait hours for adhesive to cure, and no toxic fumes are produced during the bonding process.  Benefiting from a generous two-year warranty, and with the option to display your own, customized message, this floor tape is the perfect solution when it comes to versatile, visible signage.

Durastripe Glow Striping is ideal for communicating evacuation routes or exits to workers during a power outage.

  • Available in 4″ width
  • Available background colors are Red, White and Yellow
  • Printing on stripe is Black
  • DuraStripe Glow is available either with a 1″ stripe with a custom message or just a plain 1/4″ line
  • No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

Durastripe Floor Marking Tape and More

We stock a wide range of industrial material handling equipment and accessories, offering a great combination of high-grade products, and exceptional customer care.  Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to help.  To find out more, or place an order, call us at (704) 752-7944.

  • Specifications
  • Warranty
New Building / Smooth Floors Superior Porous Floors Good
Old, Oily, Dirty, or Epoxy Floors Excellent Uneven or Tiles Good
Available in 5S Shapes Yes Available / Custom Colors 3/No
Standard Widths 4 in Beveled Edge Yes
Roll Length 50 ft Nominal Thickness 34 mil

Warranty Guide Lines
DuraStripe products are covered by a solid 2-year warranty. Situations exempt from warranty include:

  • If DuraStripe product comes up the floor due to floor not being cleaned or cleaned properly.
  • If DuraStripe is pulled up by a pallet being dragged or pulled by a forklift / tow motor