This will be the fifth generation (V) of the original DuraStripe and hopefully one which can fulfill the requirements in the market place for a long time to come. The Supreme V combines the adhesive from the original DuraStripe which is the superior choice under non ideal floor conditions along with the low impact profile of DuraStripe Lean. It also has the added benefit of having tapered edges to eliminate most of the potential tripping & impact hazards.

  • Specifications
  • Warranty
New Building / Smooth Floors Excellent Porous Floors Superior
Old, Oily, Dirty, or Epoxy Floors Superior Uneven or Tiles Superior
Available in 5S Shapes Yes Available / Custom Colors 8/Yes
Standard Widths 2 to 34 in Beveled Edge Yes
Roll Length 100 ft Nominal Thickness 34 mil

Warranty Guide Lines
DuraStripe products are covered by a solid 2-year warranty. Situations exempt from warranty include:

  • If DuraStripe product comes up the floor due to floor not being cleaned or cleaned properly.
  • If DuraStripe is pulled up by a pallet being dragged or pulled by a forklift / tow motor