If you are vacuuming explosive, impact sensitive or unstable materials that may contain an ignition source, Ruwac’s NA250 immersion separation system will cut risk while keeping your workspace clean. With 30 years of proven performance technology, the NA250 Immersion Separator is designed to work with any existing central vacuum with at least 300 CFM.

The NA250 safely collects explosive or glowing? media particulates entering the vacuum by immediately mixing them in a turbulent liquid bath. It then rapidly forces moving air and liquid to submerge and neutralize all collected particles. The process stops the already contained materials from finding any possible ignition source that could be introduced to the vacuum, guaranteeing a safe working environment and eliminating risk of an explosion.

Utilizing a wet collection seperation system such as the NA250 immersion separator will safely collect and neutralize aluminum, titanium, magnisium, zirconium, mixed metals, sodium azides, TNT, high explosives and other volatile dusts. The importance of a machine that will insure not only the safety of the environment but also that of the employees is priceless. Contact us today with your specific application to see if an immersion separator may be your solution.

Contact us today with your specific application to see if an immersion separator may be your solution.

as always – MADE IN THE USA!

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Motor Type Motorless Vacuum pressure (Hg) N/A
Air Flow (CFM) Requires 300 CFM Filter Optional 118 sq ft After-filter
Collection Capacity 22 gallons Casters 3″ heavy duty conductive
  • 304 guage stainless steel vessel construction
  • Turbulent 22 gallon liquid bath and demisting pad to particulate contents
  • Settling chamber and dispersion screen cleanly mediates circulation into vacuum source
  • Manual Hydrogen relief valve allows for escape of metal gases to ensure explosion-proof safety
  • External Lexan sight glass easily monitors water and debris levels
  • Full port ball valve for waste discharge
  • Full access door and static conductive urethane hose disconnects for easy sludge and debris build-up inside vacuum
  • Heavy-duty casters, counterbalanced base and low inlet provide stability and easy mobility

Extender Unit Add-on

RF After-filter


Stilling Chamber

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